Activities & Add-ons


Ice Queen Glamour Party

Face Painting:

The character and/or party helper will do theme related face painting on all the party guests. Please let us know if there are any allergic reactions a guest may have during this event so we can plan accordingly.

Dress-Up Parties:

The princess will bring some of her favorite costumes for the party children! The princess will help the children pick out their outfits and jewelry then they can all pose for pictures in their outfits! The costumes and jewelry is meant to return with the character after the event, but if you’d like the children to keep their dress-up clothes or jewelry, we can arrange that.

The First Princess

Glamour Parties:

The character will do all of the party guest’s makeup! This will help them feel ready to conquer any ball! Please let us know if there are any allergic reactions a guest may have during this event so we can plan accordingly. The character can also do the party guest’s hair and/or nails for an extra fee, available only upon request.

Tea Party:

The character will bring all the necessary supplies to have a real tea party with the party guests! (supplies include a (1) teapot, tea cups and saucers, demi-spoons, and paper doilies for all the guests. Food and drink is not provided; please provide any food and/or drink(s) you would like your guests to enjoy during the tea party)

Singing and Dancing:

Our characters love to sing and dance. They can perform 1 song or as many songs as you would like. At small/regular sized venues, we will provide a wireless speaker to play the music, at large events we request you to provide an adequate sound system that will accommodate an iPod, iPhone, or any other phone (a typical headphone jack will be perfect).

Themed Party Games:

We love to teach new friends our favorite games. Every game we play will be themed after the story of each character who is leading the game. We will provide all the necessary materials so it is important to give us an accurate guest count. We believe it is better to have extra materials instead of leaving a child out of the festivities. Please plan accordingly.

Story Time:

The character will entertain all of the guests with her very own fairy tale. Depending on how long you would like the Story Time to last, she can even tell the fairy tales of her friends!


A Phone Call from the Character(s):

It is just $10 for a phone call from the princess of your choice or $15 for a joint phone call from both the princess and her prince.  It is also possible to do a phone call from multiple princesses, but certain availability restrictions apply.  This can be done the day before the party to get the birthday girl exciting for her upcoming party (if she is aware that the princess is coming to her party) or after the party to say “Thank you for letting me come celebrate with you!” You can even book a phone call at any time, not associated with a party: Just to say hi, wish her a happy holiday, cheer her up on a bad day, wish her good luck for her first day of school or anything else that comes along.  The length of your phone call will partly depend on how talkative the child is, but we aim for phone calls that are approximately 5 minutes in length.  This is also a great option for those outside of our service area.

(pricing based on phone calls to numbers within the United States)

Live Chat with a Princess:

Would you like a phone call from a princess but want to be able to see her on the other end rather than just hear her voice?  Book a live chat session with the character of your choice so that your little one can not only hear her but also see her!  This is an especially great option for those living outside of our service area.

The length of your live chat session will partly depend on how talkative the child is, but we aim for sessions that are approximately 10-15 minutes:

-One character live chat: $40

-Two character live chat: $60

Please contact us for pricing and availability if you would like to book multiple characters for your live chat session.

Pre-Party Primping:

The princess will come before the party starts to help get the guest of honor all ready for the party! We can do the guest of honor’s hair, make-up and/or nails! We can even bring a special dress-up outfit for the guest of honor! Let us know what your little prince/princess would like best!

-30 minutes (Make-up & Nails)- $40

-45 minutes (Make-up, Nails and Hair)- $60

-Special Dress-up Outfit for the Guest of Honor- $15+ (depending on the dress of choice)

A Gift for EACH Guest:

We will always bring a special gift for the guest of honor, but the character can bring a special gift for all the party guests as well! Choose from one of these two options (subject to availability):

  • Princess Gifts: includes a crown, necklace, bracelet and ring
  • Fun Gifts: includes gifts such as play-dough, yo-yo, slinky, bubbles, etc.

**Or if you have a gift already prepared for your guests, the character can give that to the children for you at no additional cost. We just have to pre-approve what is in the gifts**

Multiple Character Parties:

Depending on availability we are happy to provide multiple characters for your party!

Longer Parties:

We can also do parties that are longer than 2 hours.  Please Contact Us with your specific needs so that we can give you an accurate price quote.