FAQ- Questions Before Booking

Q: Why should I book with your company?

A: We understand that there are several entertainment companies in the area to choose from and we are so happy that you are considering us to help make your celebration magical.  We could list off the things that we do differently than the majority of our competitors but at the end of the day what it really comes down to is that we care very deeply about what we do and want to share that with others.  We do this because we are sincerely passionate about this kind of work.  We want to not only utilize our talents and abilities to create a magical experience for your little one(s) but also help them know how special they are and be good role models to them in a world that is becoming increasingly more difficult to raise children in innocence and imagination with good examples in the media to look up to. We hope to be able to provide a magical experience for your little one(s) and are so appreciative you’ve taken the time to learn more about us and what we do. We know that there are other entertainment companies to choose from, but if you book with us, we promise we will do everything within our power to make your event a wonderfully magical experience for you and your guests.

Q: Where is the company located?

A: The company is currently based in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

Q: How do I book a party?

A: We’re so happy that you are interested in booking a party with us!  Booking information can be found on the How to Book a Party page on our site.

Q: I’m having a hard time getting a hold of your company to book a party.  What should I do?

A: We sincerely apologize for this.  Due to high demand, it sometimes takes us longer than we would like to respond to our potential clients.  We have found that email is the most efficient way to respond as promptly as possible, so if you have contacted us via a different method, we kindly ask for you to send us an email so that we will be able to assist you.   Providing us with all of the necessary information to book your party right away will significantly decrease the back and forth time necessary to be able to book your party and we will be able to get you reserved on the calendar right away.  Please refer to our Contact Us page and follow the instructions outlined in large purple letters that say “To Expedite the Booking Process”. By following these instructions, we will know you are serious about booking and will be able to make your party request a priority (There will be a small fee for expedited party requests).

Q: Do you offer a snowman character?

A: Due to the costuming restrictions for the character, it would be very difficult to create an authentic experience for this particular character and therefore we have decided not to add him to our line up.  We do, however, have other alternatives that may work well for your party and are happy to discuss these option with you.

Q: Do you do One-on-One visits and/or large events?

A: Yes!  We provide one-on-one visits for those not having large parties, atmosphere characters/meet and greet for large events, as well as professional singing entertainment! Please visit our One-on-One Character page or our Group Events page or email us for more information!

Princess & Friends: Birthday/Special PartiesOne-on-One Character VisitGroup Events
Heroes & Princes: Birthday/Special PartiesOne-on-One Character VisitGroup Events

Q: What if I’m planning a party for a high-end client or celebrity?

A:  Client confidentiality is important to us and we want to make sure that every client feels secure in knowing that their personal information, including their name, will not be released.  We won’t post any information or pictures from your party without client permission.  Our performers work with celebrities and high-end clients on a regular basis, so they will treat your client the way they would treat any other.

Q: I’m planning an event for a business.  Can I pay the full amount in advance through a credit card rather than in cash?

A: Yes, but all business events not paying the remaining balance in cash or check will be charged a small processing fee and 18% performer gratuity.

Q: How far in advance should I book my party?

A: Our weekend availability often fills up quite quickly so please contact us as soon as possible if you are planning a weekend party and your party date/time is not flexible.

We strongly encourage booking at least 8 weeks in advance.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit to book my party?

A: As is industry standard, a deposit is required to book your party.  This booking deposit goes toward the total party price and reserves you on the calendar, giving you priority over others wanting to book that day.  The deposit amount will depend on the type of party or event that you are booking.

We book on a first come first served basis and cannot hold party dates/times without a deposit.  Once we confirm availability for the day/time/character(s) you would like to book, we will hold your spot on the calendar for 24 hours, send you a Party Confirmation Sheet and give you instructions on how to pay the booking deposit.

Please be aware that the remaining balance will be due via cash, check or via Venmo.com to your party helper(s) the day of your event

Q: How do I pay the remainder of my party bill after I have paid my deposit?

A: Before your party, you will receive an electronic invoice informing you of the remaining balance for your party. On this bill, any Add-Ons or Discounts will be shown and applied. You will need to give your party payment to the party helper(s) before they leave the party. We recommend you give the final payment to the party helper(s) after the celebrations and out of sight of any children. You can pay the remainder of your bill in cash or check (any returned check will be subjected to a $25 fee) or you may pay via Venmo.com (an online money processing company/app, you can find us with the username MyPrettyPrincessPartyCLT). You will also notice a small processing fee. This fee helps us cover processing fees and bank fees. 

Q: Can I book multiple characters for my party?

A: Yes! But not all multiple character requests may be fulfilled. Please contact us for rates and availability. After you have paid your deposit, should you choose to remove one or more characters from your party, you will still be required to pay 1/2 of the “Additional Character Fee”. No fee will be charged should you remove the additional character(s) within 24 hours of booking your party. Please understand, the performers change their schedules and miss out on other job opportunities once they have been scheduled for a party. We try to reimburse them for this inconvenience. 

Q: Can I request a specific performer for my party?

A: We are happy to accommodate performer requests whenever possible.  Please let us know at the time of booking if you have a particular performer in mind. Contacting us a few months before your party date will significantly increase the chances of being able to accommodate your request.

Please do keep in mind that we can never guarantee a particular performer, due to the fact that casting changes are sometimes necessary due to unexpected circumstances, but we will never replace your performer without your prior knowledge or with someone who isn’t an excellent match for the role in both look and ability.

If having a particular performer is very important to you, assuming he/she is available, you do have the option to upgrade your party for an additional fee to include a guaranteed performance by that particular performer.

Q: The character I am interested in booking isn’t pictured on your website.  Do you offer other characters?

A:  We are always working hard to add new characters to our repertoire, so if you don’t see what you want just Contact Us and we’ll let you know if that option will be available by the time of your party!

Q: Will the character(s) I book look like what is pictured on your website?

A: The costumes pictured on our website are the actual costumes we use at parties.  Because our costumes are worn so frequently, we are often creating new costumes and restyling our wigs to keep things looking nice.  If something looks different it is because it has been restyled or replaced since the website picture was taken to ensure a quality experience. Actors may vary.

Q: Is there a travel fee?

A: My Pretty Princess Party currently serves throughout the Charlotte area and beyond.  Our prices include travel up to a 15-mile radius from our location near the Duke Energy Center but we are more than happy to travel out to locations further than 15 miles. The travel fee is as follows for 1 character parties:

  • 16-20 miles away: $5
  • 21-25 miles away: $10
  • 26-30 miles away: $20
  • (You live more than 30 miles away? please see the question below)
  • 31-35 miles away: $35
  • 36+ miles away: $50+

Please consider traffic when planning your event as parties booked during high traffic times may require a higher travel fee. If you are booking multiple characters, additional travel fees will apply depending on how many additional characters you have booked.  The travel fee goes directly to your performer and party helper who is using their own vehicle and gas to travel to and from your party and is, therefore, part of their agreed-upon pay rate.

Q: I live outside of the Charlotte area.  Can I still book a party?

A: Please contact us and we will accommodate you if possible.  Apart from the calculated travel fee, we do also have certain policies regarding distance parties, due to the fact that our performers miss out on other work opportunities because of the time spent traveling to and from your party.  Please see our policies for distance parties below:

  • If your location is more than 30 miles away, we do require that you book a 60 minute or longer party package.
  • If your location is more than 50 miles away, we do require that you book a 90 minute or longer party package.
  • If your party location is more than 50 miles away, there may be a $20+ time compensation fee, in addition to the traveling fee, applicable due to the amount of time your performer must spend traveling to and from the party.
  • Due to the amount of travel time required, we typically cannot drive to parties more than 75 miles away from our location.

We do also have a few options that allow people outside of our service area to experience our fairytale magic, such as a character phone call, live chat with a princess or a personalized video.  Information on those options can be found here:

Princess & Friends Add-Ons
Heroes & Princes Add-Ons

Q: How many guests are included in the price and how many guests should I invite?

A: Up to 10 guests are included in the price for birthday/special parties. For parties that are more than 10 children, a reasonable fee will apply. If you would like to do one-on-one activities (like face painting) please keep in mind the time constraints involved as we may not be able to get through everyone or you may need to book additional time for us to be able to accommodate your guest count.

If your venue is large and/or your guest count is high, you may also want to consider providing a sound system with microphones for your party performer(s) so that they can be heard and more easily entertain the group.

Q: I am planning a party for either an older or younger age group.  Will they still enjoy the activities?

A: We are happy to customize our activities for your age group and have some different activity options for parties with toddlers or primarily older children.  Please inform us of the age range and any concerns/special requests when booking so that we can plan accordingly. 

Q: Do all of the characters do the same activities?

A: Each character does activities that are specific to the character/story.

Q: If I book an extra activity (such as face painting or a tea party) does the price of the add-on include the extra party time to complete that activity?

A: The price for the extra activity is simply to cover supply and handling costs for providing the activity.  Therefore, the activity price does not include extra party time with your performer. If you would prefer to provide the necessary supplies yourself, we are more than happy to conduct these activities during your party time with what you provide at no additional charge.

Q: What if I need to change the date or cancel?

A: If you need to change the date and/or time after booking we will accommodate your request based on our current availability and will apply your deposit to another date/time as a one-time courtesy.  Changing your date/time reserves your new time and takes you off of our calendar for your previous time.

If you need to change the date/time more than once, a $15 fee will be applied to your remaining balance due the day of the party for every time you change the date/time after the first change.  Date/time changes must be done at least 48 hours in advance.

Because your party performer and helper is unavailable to book other work for the date and time a party is booked, deposits are non-refundable if you have to cancel.

Q: What if My Pretty Princess Party has to cancel or reschedule?

A: This circumstance is extremely unlikely, however, in the case of an extreme emergency, we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation by rescheduling the party for you at a discounted price.  In the unlikely that event we must cancel, your deposit will be refunded.  

Q: What if I need to make changes to my reservation?

A: We can accommodate most party changes (ie. guest count, preferred character, activities, add-ons, party length, etc.) with 72-hour notice with little or no party fee. Just email, call, or text us to let us know what changes you would like made to your party reservation. Should you desire to shorten your allotted party time you will be charged a fee so we can still pay our performers the original party payment they were anticipating. Should you cancel an extra character you will have to pay a fee (1/3 of the “additional character fee”) so we can pay our party performer a portion of what they would be getting should they have been attending your party. Please know many of our performers work other jobs and take days off to attend parties. Please be respectful of their time. 

Q: Is there a way to receive a discount for my party? 

A: Yes!  Please visit our Promotions page for more details. We also post specials and promotions on our Facebook, Google+Twitter and Instagram pages; please connect with us to stay informed of any special events and promotions.