FAQ- Day of the Party Questions

Q: Can the performer(s) stay longer than the amount of time I have booked them?

A: It is likely that your party performer(s) will have to get to another event directly after yours, so please be courteous of their time and help make sure they are able to leave as soon as your booked party time is over.   It is occasionally possible that you may upgrade your party the day of the party to a longer party, but we cannot guarantee the party performer will be available for a longer party or will have the necessary supplies on hand if you wish to upgrade at the last minute. Speak to the Party Helper at the party for last-minute upgrade requests.

Q: Can parents stay for the party?

A: As long as there is adequate room and they do not distract from the children’s activities,  parents are welcome to stay!

Q: May I take pictures and video during the party? 

A: You are welcome to take photos and video throughout your event and there is also a time set aside for posed photos. We encourage you to link any photos taken to our Twitter (@Princess_CLT), Facebook,  and Instagram accounts.

*We kindly ask that any video recordings of our performers be used strictly for personal use and not posted on the internet without permission.

Q: How and when should I pay the remaining balance for the party/event?

A: Please help us make it an authentically magical experience for your party guests by not paying us in front of the children.  Your remaining balance is due to your party helper the day of the event in cash, check or by paying online with Venmo.com (username MyPrettyPrincessPartyCLT). We kindly ask for you to follow us out after the party so that the payment isn’t seen in front of the children.  It usually works best to have another adult direct the attention of the party guests to a different activity right after the performer leaves–such as cake, food, or presents–giving you the opportunity to follow the party helper and performer(s) out and pay the remaining balance.  Please pay your party helper discreetly so the children do not see.  Putting the money in an envelope is helpful for discretion and safekeeping.  Party helpers do not carry any money with them and will not have change available for you (Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee and use of Credit/Debit cards are subject to a 5% processing fee).

Q: Should I tip my performer(s)?

A: We know that this is a sensitive subject and that everyone’s financial situation is different.  Our party rates do not include any performer gratuity so while tips aren’t required they are GREATLY appreciated.  We keep our rates affordable but are dedicated to only using the highest caliber performers, so tips are sincerely appreciated as they continually strive to go above and beyond for every party, while still getting paid similarly to other entertainment companies that may not offer as high of quality entertainment, in our effort to provide competitive rates.

Our party performer(s) work very hard to provide quality and authentic entertainment for you and your guests so if you feel like they did an excellent job, a tip is a great way to let them know!  This also helps offset the cost of keeping our costumes and supplies nice, as many of our performers have made the investment in their own high-quality items.

Tips are never solicited or required, but we sincerely thank you in advance for considering gratuity as it helps us know that our hard work is recognized and also helps offset our expenses to keep everything nice for our parties while still keeping our prices reasonable.

We kindly ask you to consider separate tips for multiple performers as tips are split evenly between all performers at your party. A standard tip is usually about 20% of the total party cost. *Corporate events are automatically charged an 18% gratuity fee.

Q: If I don’t pay my final invoice at the party will I receive a late fee?

A: Yes. Party payments are due on the day of the party. A $10 late fee will be added to the final invoice for every day it is late. So, if your party takes place on a Saturday, but you don’t pay your invoice until Tuesday, a $30 late fee will be added to the final invoice. This fee will go continue to acquire until it has maxed out at 30 days. Once your invoice is 30 days late we will send your bill to a collections agency. If you are paying online, please be sure to submit your party payment the day of the party. We do not want to charge any additional fees. Should you need your final payment spread out over a short period of time (max 30 days), we can discuss on a case-by-case basis but this must be discussed and settled upon before the party is booked.