About Us

As founder of My Pretty Princess Party, I was determined to achieve one goal–bring dreams into reality. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about being a princess. When I go to little kids parties and I see their faces light up when they see me, or my other performers walk in, I feel so fulfilled. Being able to help children see their heroes in real life makes me feel like I am helping to fulfill little children’s dreams.

I personally design and make all of the costumes that my characters wear. I take pride and responsibility in providing the most authentic character experience for those I entertain. I learned the art of sewing while working in a theatre department’s costume shop. I gained a passion for character role playing while in high school but further developed my skills while working on my undergraduate degree in Humanities and Theatre. 

I am so grateful for you in being interested in my company. I promise that you will not regret booking your party through My Pretty Princess Party. We are determined in creating the best experience for you and your party guests.

As a company we are dedicated to creating a magical experience at every party.

We accomplish this by remembering that we are Making Dreams Come True!

Thank you,

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 Chelsea Carskaddon, Founder

Meet the Cast

Female Performers

Male Performers

Party Helpers

Female Performers

Elissa, Manager

Elissa’s love for all things Disney began at a very young age when she and her brother would dress up like Jasmine and Aladdin and watch Disney movies on repeat. Always a performer, Elissa loved to sing and dance and continued her love for entertaining as she spent several summers teaching Performing Arts to children through Raleigh Parks and Recreation.

Never afraid to unleash her inner child, Elissa brings excitement and energy to everything she does, especially when she can share in the magic with children.


Ever since Abby was a kid she loved performing! When she was younger she looked up to Disney princesses because the world was their stage. They inspired her to pursue her love of theater, and she has been lucky enough to participate in many shows since she was a kid!


Ally is thrilled to be a cast member with My Pretty Princess Party and can’t wait to bring magic to your party! She is currently a sophomore at Winthrop University, working toward a B.A. in Theatre Performance. She has been performing for 13 years and doesn’t plan on stopping! After graduation, she plans on becoming a traveling performer, either in a national tour of a show or on a cruise ship. She can’t wait to make your little one smile!


Avery has loved Disney ever since she was really little. It is her dream to work at Disney World and take part in the Disney College Program. Avery has studied musical theatre for over 10 years and has been a musical theatre major at Northwest School of the Arts for the last 5 years. She is so excited for a chance to make children’s dreams come true!


Brandi has been a Disney fanatic ever since her first trip to Disney World at the age of 2 months old. Calling Walt Disney World her second home for much of her life, she participated in the Disney College Program working in Orlando, FL as a Cast Member for the Walt Disney World Company. Currently she works as a seasonal Cast Member in Disney’s the Magic Kingdom, making magic for guests of all ages. She wants to bring the same magic to your family here in NC, using her 14 years of performance experience to good use by putting smiles on the faces of Disney fans like herself.


Brooke recently returned to the Charlotte area after living in New York City. She has had a passion for performing since she started singing show tunes in preschool. Brooke worked for a children’s theatre company for 11 years and loves being around children, especially when she can create a magical experience for them. She has performed in many different Disney musicals and looks forward to bringing princess magic to parties!


Ellison loves to bring joy and smiles to everyone she meets through her passion for singing and acting.  She is a junior at Cramerton Christian Academy and has spent the last few years performing in musicals including Little Mermaid, Frozen, Aladdin and Suessical.  Ellison enjoys being creative and can’t wait to use her talents to make princesses come alive for you!


Emma is a student at CPCC getting her Associates In Fine Arts Theatre. She’s been doing Theatre since her freshmen year of high school and has been singing since she was 6. She loves Disney and online shopping. In her free time, she enjoys being with her friends and going for long drives with her windows down. Emma also enjoys spending time with her labordoodle. 


Erin has had a passion for performing for as long as she can remember.  As a little girl, she would act out Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and the Swan Princess.  Since then, and overtime Erin has participated in numerous community theatre productions, and studied singing, dancing, and acting.  She is currently pursuing a BA at UNCC with a focus in performance.

Erin is thrilled to work with My Pretty Princess Party and bring beloved princesses to life.


Evely is a Political Science Major at Queens University of Charlotte as well as a member of the Dance Team. Her goal is to become a more well-rounded individual, and she believes that performing can uniquely add to her goal. Before finding her passion in learning about the world of politics and social justice, she always wanted to be an actor. She believes that performing allows her to express her emotions in a new light while capturing the hearts of others. As a Chicana woman, Evely is excited to educate and expose children to the beautiful latin culture by representing beloved latinx characters. Evely cannot wait to embark on this extraordinary and wondrous journey with you!


Gracyn is a senior at Cox Mill High School where she has been an active member of the theater department. She has been performing since she was in 6th grade. Growing up, Disney princess movies inspired her love for singing and performing and she is so excited to inspire others as a member of this cast!


Hannah is a student at Marvin Ridge High School with a love for performing and princesses! She goes to Disney World as much as she can and has always wanted to be a princess herself. Hannah is president of a local theater organization and has performed at Carnegie Hall. Singing and acting are her passions. Providing joy to a child’s special day is special to Hannah and she can’t wait to bring magic to your party!


Katherine is a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and is majoring in illustration. From a young age, she was immersed in the arts. She has always loved to sing, and recently discovered a love of acting in high school. She has always loved Disney movies, and is beyond excited to be a princess! She plans to pursue a career in visual arts and perhaps help create new Disney princesses herself!


Kathleen is so excited to be a part of the cast! She is a rising Junior in high school at Davidson Day, and just recently participated in the Blumey Awards, in which she made the Top 6. She has been involved in theatre since the 6th grade, and hasn’t slowed down since! Kathleen is looking forward to combining her love of acting, making kids smile, and her childhood dream of being a princess herself. She is very excited to make these characters come to life for your kids!


Kiana loves to bring joy to others through music, movement, and performance. Currently training at Charlotte Cirque & Dance Center to become a professional cirque aerial performer, she is excited to bring magical stories to life as a princess. Kiana loves to travel and explore other cultures and is fluent in Spanish. She is passionate about encouraging and inspiring others and loves to bring a smile and a sense of awe and wonder to those around her, especially children. She loves singing, dancing, spinning, flying through the air, and sharing her love for imagination and creativity with everyone she meets.


Lauren has had a passion for performing arts ever since the age of 5. From singing, to dancing, to acting, Lauren continues to love and learn the arts. Growing up, her favorite movies of all time were The Princess and The Frog and Mulan. She admired the hardwork and dedication shown through both of the stories! Lauren is currently attending Northwest School Of The Arts and has been for the past 6 years. Majoring in Musical Theatre, she loves becoming a different character onstage, and making choices that she believes best suits them. Lauren can’t wait to see smiles on everyone’s faces as she becomes the character and makes the days of the people she meets!

Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann has a love for singing, acting, dancing, and especially Disney! When she was little, she would act out the Disney princess movies with her two little sisters. She also loves to be around kids because of the excitement and joy they bring into her life.

Leigh Ann is currently a senior at Ardrey Kell High School and plans to attend a college with a strong BFA program to continue her love for performing.


Mirabella has always wanted to be a princess; she has always admired the princesses’ elegance, grace, intelligence, and strength. She has been a musical theatre performer since the age of six, and has performed on her school’s dance team, as well as in plays, musicals and show choir. Mirabella truly has a love for performing, along with, well, magic, and she can’t wait to share that same love with the wonderful children she will meet!


Paige is a senior at Christ the King Catholic High School and she has been performing for over 10 years. Recently, Paige choreographed, assistant directed, and performed in her school musical of Godspell. She has been in many other musicals and films, and she placed 4th in her monologue division for a national Musical Theatre Competition in Los Angeles, California. She has also written, recorded, and released an original song on all streaming music platforms. She has a love for children and performing which is why she can’t wait to bring happiness and smiles to all the little princesses she encounters!


Savannah is a recently licensed Esthetician, she dreams to be a MUA (Makeup Artist) for Universal and Disney productions. When she’s not working to have those dreams come true she loves to watch Disney, cosplay, and bring joy to the world. She’s been in Theater for 4 years and has worked with Theater Charlotte in the Odd Couple. She’s absolutely thrilled to be a part of My Pretty Princess Party!


Sophie has always had a love for Disney, dreaming of becoming a princess or flying away to far off lands like Neverland. Alas, Peter Pan and Tink never quite made it to her window. As she grew older, she never lost her love of all things magical. Little did she know that she would one day find her far away land, in performing. Immersing herself in the musical theatre world, Sophie discovered her Neverland. She is beyond ecstatic to be able to be a princess and help bring magic to children!


Tate has always loved the magic of performing arts and is beyond excited to help create that magic with My Pretty Princess Party!  She has been acting, singing, and dancing since she was 5 – and she has had a love for all things Disney and princesses for even longer.  She has performed in many musicals, Disney and otherwise, and has belted out “Let It Go” with the best of tiny humans as a preschool dance teacher.  Tate is currently pursuing a degree in Musical Theatre at Xavier University.


Tess’s love for Disney began when she was very young. Starting acting at age 4, she performed in almost every Disney story at the Orlando REP. She enjoys sharing these stories and the beautiful messages within. After moving to North Carolina, Tess continued to pursue her dream of performing with voice lessons, harp lessons and continuing to act in community theatre. Tess can’t wait to bring magic and joy to your event with My Pretty Princess Parties!

Male Performers


Luke has had a passion for performing since he was a kid. He began doing theater in middle school and did marching band in high school, so any opportunity to perform in front of people he probably took. He will be studying film production in college and maybe even working for something like Disney one day. 


Zach has been performing ever since he was a child. He plans on furthering his knowledge of theatre by studying at CPCC. He would love to work for Disney, star on Broadway or even be in a movie someday. Zach loves to travel, and to showcase his talents whenever and wherever he can.

Party Helpers

Abby P.

Abby is attending the University of South Carolina to pursue a degree in Nursing. She grew up dancing and watching anything Disney and loves the time she spent on Disney Cruise ships. She values the opportunities she gets to help bring all the magic and joy to the young prince and princesses.


Emily is a senior at UNC Greensboro, where she is studying Kinesiology. Growing up, she loved watching Disney movies with her family and visiting Disneyland. Now, she still loves watching Disney movies and is excited to work with the princesses, princes, and heroes!


Grace has been a performer since a young age performing in choirs and orchestral concerts, musical theater and everything in between. She finds her joy in singing and acting for others. One of the things that has been a constant in her life is her love for all things Disney. From watching the Disney Princess movies and prancing around the house as Cinderella as a young girl, to visiting Disneyland, where she can walk in the same places of  Walt Disney, she has always enjoyed the magic and creativity of Disney. She is thrilled to help make dreams come true through My Pretty Princess Party!


Jada is an alumni of North West School of the Arts as a visual arts major. She’s been a performer for the last 9 years as a dancer! She has previously worked as a lead face painter for Carowinds and an ambassador of fun for Great Wolf Lodge. In her free time you’ll either find her painting, or spending some quality time with her tarantula Edgar! 


Rachel is an intended Nursing Major at East Carolina University. Ever since she was a little girl, she had dreams of being a Disney Princess. She loves how Disney can make you feel like you’ve transported into a whole new world. She remembers going to Disney World and meeting some of her favorite Disney characters and being awestruck as she looked up at them. Now she wants to give that experience to other little girls and boys who look up to these amazing characters. She worked at an amusement park for awhile as a character performer, and remembers the feeling of children smiling with joy. There is no other feeling like it!

If you would like to join the cast of My Pretty Princess Party please send your headshot, resume and a short description of why you would like to work with us to MyPrettyPrincessParty.Charlotte@gmail.com.