FAQ- I’ve Booked My Party! Now What?

Q: What should I expect regarding party correspondence? 

A:  Email is our preferred method of communication so we have all of your party details in writing to refer to and to ensure your party is a success, but you are also welcome to text or call us if you need to discuss anything over the phone.

Q: Now that I’ve booked my party, what do I need to do to prepare for it?

A: We will be in correspondence regarding your party, but generally speaking, all we need is a chair for each performer, a table to set our supplies (it can be a small table as long as it is sturdy) and ample space for the children to gather around and move around in.   We will also need a place to park if free street parking is not available.

Weather permitting, we are happy to attend outdoor parties but please make sure the party performer(s) and party guests have sufficient shade for activities and we kindly ask that you provide a blanket to place under the party performer(s) and/or provide chair(s) so that we can keep our costumes clean and nice.  Additional blankets are helpful for the comfort of the party guests.  Please be aware that we cannot attend parties in the rain as it will ruin our costumes and equipment (the party must be moved indoors). There is a $15 fee for outdoor parties.

If you plan on having a DJ or playing background music at your party venue, please make sure the music can either be turned off for the party performer’s activities or that there is a separate room away from the noise where the party performer(s) can effectively entertain your guests.

We will let you know if additional set up is required based on the activities you have selected.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for setup or decorations? 

A: My Pretty Princess Party loves helping people plan and organize their parties! Because we have had so many requests about party decorations and different party activities we suggest, we have created a Pinterest board for each character we currently have in our family. You can find our Pinterest board by going to https://www.pinterest.com/MyPrettyPrincessParty/ in your web browser or by clicking HERE!

Q: I would like to include some Activities and/or Add-On options for my party but I’m not sure of my guest count.  How many should I purchase?

(Activity & Add-On options listed HERE for Princess & Friends Parties and HERE for Hero & Prince Parties)

A: You should always purchase these items based on how many children you have invited unless you have a firm no for their RSVP.  We only bring the number of supplies that have been requested so some children will be left out if more people attend than you anticipate or buy supplies for.

Because some of these items are special order and not always in stock, it is best to give us 4 weeks notice prior to your party date to guarantee supplies.  We will accommodate last minute requests when possible but we cannot guarantee we will have the necessary supplies on hand.

Q: Do you provide your own music or do I need to provide anything for that?  Can you hook up to the sound system at our venue?

A: We bring a music speaker and iPad so you don’t need to worry about providing music for your party. The only thing you need to provide for your party is a safe and sturdy place for us to set it up that is close to the party helper so they can stop and start the music when necessary.

If you or your venue has a sound system that you would like us to hook up to please let us know in advance so we can determine if this will be possible.

If your venue is very large, you may want to consider providing microphones and a larger sound system for us to hook up to. Please let us know if you plan to do this so we can make sure it will work with our music.

Please also check to make sure that your venue allows music and let us know at least a few days in advance if your venue does not allow music so that we can plan our activities accordingly.  In some cases, certain activities will need to be substituted.

Q: Where should I plan on having my party?

A: We bring the party to you! Most commonly people have their party in their home if they have a living room large enough to accommodate all of the guests.  Other common places where we have attended parties are reception halls, churches, local dance studios, indoor playgrounds, preschools, parks, backyards and banquet rooms.

We will come to the location you provide, but please make sure the location has the necessities as outlined above.  Please also make sure before you book the venue that it allows outside entertainment, as some venues have their own restrictions and guidelines for this.

Q: Should I have my guests arrive before the performer(s) does?

A:  Yes, it is a good idea to start your party about 30 minutes before the performer(s) arrives so everyone will be in attendance for the activities.

So that your paid time can be fully utilized, it is helpful if you already have the area set up where you would like the performer(s) to entertain.

Q: Can I book a party for a little boy? or Can boys come to the party and will they be included in the activities?

A: Of course!  Some personalities may not be as engaged as others but we try to structure all of our activities to be enjoyable for both boys and girls.

Q: I’ve booked a pampering/glamour package.  What do I need to provide or prepare for? 

A: Please provide two chairs and a table (or similar) with access to clean water.

Q: What if I want to reduce the amount of party time I have booked?

A: If you need to downgrade your party to a shorter amount of time than what you have booked you may, however, certain conditions apply.  When you pay the deposit to reserve your party time we lock you in on the calendar and give up all other work opportunities that may conflict for that specified amount of time to guarantee that we will be available for your party.  Because of that, the deposit portion of your payment is non-refundable if you have to downgrade.  The performance fee (what is due the day of the party) can be adjusted to the amount of time you are downgrading to, but you will still be paying more than the listed price of your downgraded party time because the deposit portion of your payment is non-refundable.   All downgrades must be done at least 48 hours in advance.