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If you have questions you would like to ask My Pretty Princess Party then please fill out the form below. Please keep in mind, many questions have been answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you would like to book a party with us but don’t know how to book a party, please visit our How to Book a Party Page.

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If you have questions about a party you would like to book. Please fill out a Pre-Party Questionnaire before contacting us. To contact us please fill out the form below, email us at or call us at 704.584.9551.


An expedited birthday party is any party or event that will be taking place in less than 14 days. Fill out of Pre-Party Questionnaire then email us directly at In the subject of the email title it “EXPEDITED PARTY REQUEST”, please give us a short recap of the information you provided in your Pre-Party Questionnaire so we can match you up with the correct response. If we do not respond within 12-24 hours, please call us at 704.584.9551. If you need to book a party with less than 24-hour notice, you may call us directly to check our availability.

*Expedited parties are subject to a reasonable fee.

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